cool stained glass window

Beautiful and Popular Stained Glass Window

Posted On: May 24, 2015 - By admin

If you want window with something classic but still get the beautiful side, moreover the looks that have unique looks, surely you will get the answer here. Well, stained glass window have been popular for long time ago, and it is still popular nowadays. Because the looks that has unique […]

style stained glass window film

Decorate Your House with Stained Glass Window Film

Posted On: May 24, 2015 - By admin

Stained glass window film is often seen in a church, being painted a religious scene from the bible, but it’s also practical to be a decorative part of a doors and windows. These glass is painted artistic objects. It looks like painted glass being put together to form one complete […]

big studio designs

Choosing from Many Studio Designs

Posted On: May 23, 2015 - By admin

Studio is kind of small apartment that you can live there, but to make it feels comfortable as your wishes, you have to consider about studio designs and get the comfortable feeling. It can be from the furniture, the style, and the other stuff that you add there. It can […]

large graphic design studio

Graphic Design Studio as a Beneficial Business

Posted On: May 23, 2015 - By admin

Graphic design studio can be applied on your business so that it will be a benefit business. In designing your studio, you should be better to be matched it with your budget and vision of your business. There are something must be noticed when design your studio. When you want […]

big studio design creative

Creative Living in Studio Apartment

Posted On: May 22, 2015 - By admin

Studio design apartment is a living place that consists of only one room. From that one room you should create all the rooms you need in a regular house, which is bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. This apartment usually only have space enough for one bedroom, considering the […]

studio apartment design ikea

Studio Apartment Design for a Creative Mind

Posted On: May 22, 2015 - By admin

Living in a studio apartment tends to make people to be creative to turn one large room into bedroom, kitchen, dining room and living room at once since there is no partition or doors to separate those rooms. Studio apartment usually inhabited by one person, sometimes by a couple who […]

design studio modern

How to Design Studio Apartments

Posted On: May 21, 2015 - By admin

To design studio apartment that you are going to live in, you must ensure that you measure the right size or free space that you have for your studio apartment. There are a few tips that you could follow when you are decorating your limited space into a functional space […]

curtains and window treatments vintage

Things to Consider in Choosing Curtains and Window Treatments

Posted On: May 21, 2015 - By admin

When you want to treat your curtain, you also have to think about the windows, too. Surely, you will find some problems when you do it, but don’t worry, you will get the answer here and it will help you treat your curtain and windows correctly. Curtain and window treatments […]

curtain rods for bay windows quality

Finding the Right Curtain Rods for Bay Windows

Posted On: May 20, 2015 - By admin

Windows have been special place in home, not only block the light directly, but also can be the place that beautifies the room. With big and wide window you need something to cover it and help to block the light, moreover, if the window has bay shape, so that curtain […]

bathroom door window curtains

How to Decorate Your Door Window Curtain

Posted On: May 20, 2015 - By admin

Door window curtain is styled in accordance with your door window style and shape. Door window is liked by everybody because it will make your room getting more lightening and fresher and you can view outdoor scene from inside room. So the important thing should be noticed by you is […]

restoration hardware bedroom curtains

Restoration hardware curtains will help you to take care of your curtain hardware

Posted On: May 19, 2015 - By admin

Curtain is one of many objects that should take care carefully, not only for its curtain, but also the hardware itself. If you have curtain in your home, you should pay attention on the way you look after the curtain and the hardware. Restoration hardware curtains will be suitable for […]

vintage wrought iron curtain rods

Different Variations of Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Posted On: May 19, 2015 - By admin

Iron is one of the most common materials which are used to make curtain rod, because it has good point in its durability and its quality. One of the curtain rods that use iron as its main material and being popular now is wrought iron curtain rods. These curtain rods […]